A Great Laugh


Well, I broke my toe this week.  I tripped over my son’s bouncy chair in the kitchen.  The circumstances made it slightly funny, but it was still painful and annoying.  It was an especially interesting challenge keeping up with my 8-month old.  My limping and his crawling were a hilarious combination.

Amidst this adventure, of course, I noticed one nice thing that made me forget how much my toe hurt: my lovely boy’s laugh.  It is physically impossible for me not to feel complete joy when I hear it.  I’ve made a recording that you can link to below.  For the full effect, picture big cheeks, sparkly brown eyes and 4 front teeth.

Press ‘play’ at http://www.box.net/shared/880nfy5u5y and enjoy!


2 Replies to “A Great Laugh”

  1. Hehe, his laughter is very precious! Knowing how ticklish he is, I think I’d tickle him all day just to hear his laughter 🙂 It was great to have you all over at our place.

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