Another Secret Mission

This week, I went on another secret mission and this time it involved flowers. My adventure was inspired by Dream Lab – a little summer project meant to encourage rest, play and the power of kindness.

My idea was simple, really. I bought a bundle of flowers from a local grocery store, attached notes to each of them and went for a walk early Sunday morning to deliver them randomly.

I felt sneaky when I placed this one in my neighbors newspaper…

…and giddy when I decorated a neighbor’s car.

By the time all of the flowers were delivered, I felt like I’d been on a joyous adventure. It was so much fun thinking about who would receive the flowers and how it would make them feel. Would it land on the doorstep of someone who really needed a bit of kindness today?, I wondered. And would they pass the kindness on in some way? I hope so.

What I learned from this secret mission is the same thing I learned from the last one. For me, the delight is in the delivery. I felt like I made an effort to put something good out into the world, and what I got back was tremendous joy.

That’s why random acts of kindness are this week’s one nice thing.

Do you have a similar story to share?


Hope Notes

My life is currently engulfed in an experience called Mondo Beyondo. It is a 5-week online course led by Jen and Andrea that teaches the art of dreaming big.

Today, I was asked to go on a “secret mission” to put something good out into the world. My equipment? Little pieces of orange paper with happy messages written on them. The task? To leave these messages in public places for someone else to find.

I decided to tuck my son into his stroller and travel my neighbourhood looking for places to leave my hope notes. The first one I left was next to the ignition of my neighbor’s scooter. It was fun to later watch him discovering the note just as I was arriving home. He called his wife outside to see it and they both giggled over the message that said, you can trust this dream.

A few other hiding places were: above five doorbells,

in a fence,

and on someone’s walkway.

While delivering these hope notes, I wondered who would discover them and if it would make them smile, laugh, gasp, look around, roll their eyes or call a friend. Witnessing the couple with a scooter in complete delight over their message made me think that perhaps I had achieved my mission to put something good out there.

Hopefully, everyone else enjoyed receiving their hope notes too!  But, of course, it doesn’t really matter if they didn’t because the delight for me was truly in the delivery.

And that’s why, this week, hope notes are one nice thing.

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